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Things that seemed out of reach were brought into the realm of possibility. Exceptional attorney and staff.

We have been a customer since 2008 and we have never looked back. Working with Jane and Bernard has made a difficult situation bearable, if not agreeable. We never have to worry that something will get missed or forgotten. I would definitely recommend them to handle your affairs, whatever they may be.

I set out to fight for my disability alone. Getting nowhere with my limited knowledge. I was turned down twice. I found the law offices of Bernard A. Guerrini, P.C. Not long after acquiring his services, I got my settlement. I highly recommend them to help you get what is rightfully yours. Sincerely grateful.

I have greatly appreciated all the hard work Bernie, Jane and staff have done! They were wonderful from the very beginning to help explain all the processes and to guide me through each step in getting the disability income and benefits I was entitled to. For me, they were a God send and he got it right! Again, thanks to all.

The need for a good attorney that practices in this area of law became apparent to me at the onset of my disability. Mr. Guerrini is well versed and experienced regarding the law, insurance company tactics, and area judges. Guerrini and staff have kept me informed and take the time to answer my questions. If you have become disabled and are going to file for disability, then you are going to need all of the help you can get. These insurance companies will use every means available to deny your claim, even if you have overwhelming evidence of your disability.

The Guerrini staff has been a joy to work with during and after my LTD case was adjudicated. You were helpful in my case and provided excellent service. Your staff provided the excellent service that was intended and advised during my initial planned service.

The work the Guerrinis did was excellent. Mr. Guerrini was able to get the maximum amount for my claim and he was able to negotiate the final payment to everyone’s satisfaction. This was much easier said than done. I can recommend the Guerrini law firm very highly for insurance work.

The Guerrini firm members were always easily reachable and more importantly returned phone calls promptly. They did their part and laid out the information we would need to provide to them to move the case along. They even tolerated my venting about the “evil” insurance companies. They went after one of the largest health insurers in the US and separately in the second case an insurer that sold disability insurance. In both instances we could never have gotten either company to pay our benefits without the intervention of Bernard and his crew. We are pleased with the outcomes and would not hesitate to refer them or call on them again. We now have been able to get my wife the monthly disability payment she deserved when she was diagnosed with an incurable disease and my doctors and hospital have been paid for my cornea transplant.
FK and MK

Bernard Guerrini is a very intelligent, honest, compassionate attorney. He thoroughly evaluated my case, determined that it had merit, and sent me to the right doctors to help prove my disability. He told me what to expect and was straightforward about any obstacles and timeframes. Mr. Guerrini and his staff treated me as a person – with bills to pay and a family to feed – not just another case. I would recommend Bernard Guerrini to anyone! Without his expertise, I never would have won my case.


After my LTD was canceled I researched several disability attorneys. Mr. Guerrini looked over my case and is now representing me. He was able to get my LTD reinstated in less than a month, with back pay. I have been a client for two years now with no more problems from the insurance company. Mr. Guerrini and his staff are very helpful and professional. I would recommend Mr. Guerrini to anyone that needs help with there disability case.

Thank you so much for all your help with my disability case. Without you I would have not been able to provide for my family and maintain all my medical and personal bills.
Your support has been outstanding to say the least. I trust you, and feel blessed to have found such passionate people, that are excellent at what they do everyday to help people like me, fighting for my rights and WINNING my case.

Much Appreciated,


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