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The insurance company has denied your claim for short term disability benefits. Now where do you turn and what do you do?

ERISA gives the insurance company the upper hand as ERISA does not reward the company if it does what is right nor does it punish the company if it does what is wrong. So the company has no incentive to do what is right.

You must be mindful of this when you begin the claim process and not be lulled into thinking that the company is actually trying to help you file your claim or obtain your benefits.

The insurance company tries to lull you into thinking that it will help you get your benefits. The ERISA law also favors the insurance company. You need to find an experienced ERISA disability lawyer to help you.

You must face the reality that the insurance company writes the terms of the policy, interprets what those terms mean and determines whether to pay money on your claim. This creates a conflict of interest on the part of the insurance company because the payment of your claim decreases its bottom line and profitability.

Very few lawyers practice ERISA Short Term Disability law and even fewer practice it exclusively. We are experienced ERISA Short Term Disability lawyers and we are ready to help you fight against the insurance company.

Our qualifications are that we have over 56 years of combined experience,

● We have handled many ERISA claims/appeals/lawsuits.
● We focus only on ERISA short and long term disability claims/appeals.
● We perform our services for a reasonable contingency fee. If we do not recover money for you, there is no charge.

In addition to knowing ERISA Short Term Disability law and the insurance company’s tactics, we provide empathic help with adjusting to your situation.

When you chose a lawyer to fight for your benefits against the insurance company, you should ask questions about the lawyer’s qualifications and compare those qualifications to ours.