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You need an ERISA lawyer to help you get your benefits and you live in the Austin area.  You get to choose your lawyer. You should make that choice wisely, as it could affect your chances of winning.  Two things are important about your relationship with a lawyer – first is his qualifications and second is what does he charge for the services. 

The qualifications of any attorney are:

  • Length of practice,
  • Experience in ERISA short term disability law, and
  • Whether he handles just ERISA claims or handle other  types of claims, such as personal injury claims.

Bernard Guerrini has been in practice for 38 years and has handled numerous ERISA claims, appeals and lawsuits. John Thompson has been in practice for 19 years.

Most important, the focus of their practice is ERISA long term and short term disability claims.  They do not handle any other benefit claims such as Social Security benefit claims or Veteran’s benefit claims. They do not handle personal injury claims or business claims.  They focuses their practice on ERISA claims.

When you are comparing lawyers for your ERISA claim for short-term disability benefits, consider whether other lawyers have their qualifications–the qualifications you want for your ERISA short-term disability lawyer.

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