1) What are the qualifications of the lawyer:

▸ how long has he/she been in practice;
▸ does he/she focus mainly on ERISA long term and short term disability claims;
▸ how long has he/she handled ERISA claims; and
▸ how many claims, appeal and lawsuits has he/she handled.

2) Does the lawyer provide empathetic and compassionate service?

3) When you call, do you tell your story to the attorney or a case screener?

4) Is the attorney available to answer your questions as your claim progresses?

5) What does the attorney charge for the services provided?

ERISA law is very complex and few attorneys practice in this area. An experienced ERISA lawyer can help you file your claim, maximize your evidence and prevent you from making a mistake that could be fatal to your claim.  

ERISA gives the insurance company the upper hand as ERISA does not reward the company if it does what is right nor does it punish the company if it does what is wrong. So the company has no incentive to do what is right. You must be mindful of this when you begin the claim process and not be lulled into thinking that the company is actually trying to help you file your claim or receive your benefits.

Bernard Guerrini has been in practice for 38 years and has handled numerous ERISA claims, appeals and lawsuits. John Thompson has been in practice for 19 years. Most important, the focus of this practice is ERISA long term and short term disability claims. They do not handle any other benefit claims such as Social Security benefit claims, pension claims or veteran’s benefit claims. They do not handle personal injury claims or business claims. They focus their practice on ERISA claims.